RFID Signal Blocking & Protection

RFID Blocking Wallets for Men

Our RFID blocking wallets for men are crafted using high quality genuine leather, with an alloy mesh liner that blocks out any radio frequencies from accessing your important information that is stored on your cards or passport.

They’re available in several stylish designs, some of them including the Bifold wallet, Trifold wallet, American Flag wallets, and the camouflage wallets.

They also feature a special alloy liner, developed especially for RFID signal blocking. Every single one of our wallets are made affordable, but are also made with fine craftsmanship. rfid blocking secure wallets for men.

RFID Blocking Sleeves for Cards and Passports

Credit card protector sleeves for your wallet or purse

With a combination of the super strength DuPont Tyvek® sleeve and the ArmorShield® inner coating, it makes a proven solution for RFID blocking. With strength superior to almost any other sleeve material, DuPont Tyvek® protects your most important cards and their magnetic strips from damage by moisture infiltration, tearing or puncture. Made with alloy-based material, we developed ArmorShield® specifically to fight RFID identity theft. The US Government has even  FIPS 201 approved our wallets.

Protect your credit cards, bank cards, driver’s license and any other cards that have an RFID embedded chip from harmful radio frequencies as well as any abrasion, static and moisture.

With it’s lightweight and slim design, it ensures that you won’t have to compromise your pocket space to keep your most important information secure. Made with a thumb cut end, you get easier access to your cards. You can even write on it with a pen or pencil! With free delivery, what’s stopping you from ordering now?

rfid sleeves for credit cards for wallets and purses

Credit Card RFID Identity Theft Protection

There is now a way you can protect yourself. Scan Protector offers RFID sleeves and RFID wallets, so you can keep all of your personal information stored on your bank card, debit card, credit card, key cards, employee IDs, passports and any other card safe from contact-less pick pocketing.

Usually thieves are one step ahead of the system; but now you can be one step ahead of them.

Wireless identity theft has never been easier. Thieves only need to buy an RFID card reader and download and app. and they are perfectly equipped to steal all of your personal information just by walking past you. The wireless signal sent by the app can gather your details from any card with an RFID chip, making you a victim of credit card identity theft without even realizing it.