RFID Wallets for men launch

We are moving forward with offering RFID protection in wallets.

Genuine leather wallets with a alloy liner to block rfid signals.

We think that it is more piratical for men to use a rfid blocking wallet instead of using our sleeves.

It is easier for a women to use our sleeve in a purse.

RFID Blocking Passport

RFID Blocking Passport

It is safe to say that you are searching for an incredible substitution to your old wallet? Did you require a lightweight and solid place for your cash? All things considered, perhaps the time has come to give yourself an amazingly outlined wallet that won’t just inspire your companions and family but will totally secure your protection. The new RFID Blocking Passport Wallet is your best decision with regards to fabulous insurance and ease of use.

The wallet highlights remarkable Passport outline and it is produced using 100% of leather, which is ensured high quality. This thing is the most sufficient decision for individuals, who will utilize it regularly and require a sturdy answer for their crucial credit and bank cards.

In the event that you consider how the RFID blocking highlight will help you precisely, you can be guaranteed that your cash and cards are safe and secured from any RFID perusers. You can unreservedly utilize your most loved installment system with genuine feelings of serenity. With aesthetic style and excellent tastefulness, this RFID Blocking Passport is intended to satisfy those with the highest recognizing tastes, while shielding you from electronic theft. Our simple, direct design permits passports of diverse sizes to fit easily without needing to twist or break the spine of your ID while embeddings or getting it.

The style has an extra, expansive pocket that is incredible for dividing different currencies. With popular style and excellent class, the RFID Blocking Passport Wallet is intended to satisfy those with the most perceiving tastes in delightful examples. Our RFID blocking passport will protect all credit and check cards and also international ID cards, upgraded drivers permit, travel cards, iClass cards, PIV cards, TWIC cards, LincPass cards and, CAC cards. US Passports released starting October 2006, and also international IDs from numerous different nations have a RFI (Radio Frequency Identification) chip implanted within them.

RFID Blocking Passport Wallet is focused on offering you some assistance with keeping your identity secured. Be careful with impersonations that aren’t made from 100% leather. Truth is told, some fabrication really incorporate documentation conceding they are not 100% successful. You can make certain you are safe when you utilize this RFID blocking items.

Features of RFID Blocking Passport

• 3 slots that allow you to insert passport, credit cards, and other items without the need of bending them or creasing them.
• Protects your identity with the proven effective RFID blocking system.
• Manufactured from the high quality 100% lambskin.
• It has a bigger pocket that allows you to divide different currencies which is the best option for people who loves to travel.
• It complies with the different security standards and was guaranteed by different organizations.

RFID Blocking Tri-fold wallet

RFID Blocking Leather Tri-fold Wallet by Lewis N Clark

With the rise of RFID technology, the identity thieves have gone electronic as well and can now steal personal information contactless. The RFID chips are widely used in credit cards, passports, government or military IDs, and even hotel keys. The thieves have devised a scanner that could read and copy information on your cards, without you even noticing it. If you are not protecting yourself from identity theft, you are not only putting yourself in danger but also those people around you.

Luckily, there are still ways on how we can prevent identity theft from happening to us. If you like keeping your credit cards and IDs close by (or can’t leave them at home), you should definitely check on the RFID Blocking Leather Tri-Fold Wallet.

Created by Lewis N Clark, this wallet protects you from contactless identity theft that is so rampant nowadays. It features an RFID blocking scanner that blocks any RFID readers from scanning the contents of your wallet, which includes your credit cards and IDs. With this, you can be sure that your personal information is secured and would not be copied by anyone without your knowledge or permission. This gives you the freedom to carry around the things you need without being scared of falling victim to any identity thieves.

Aside from boasting advanced technology on repelling RFID scanners, the RFID Blocking Leather Tri-Fold Wallet also has good design and construction. With this, you do not have to sacrifice style just to protect yourself. This wallet has three-fold design and features 6 card slots. It also has a full ID window, which is very convenient as you can easily show identification when needed. The wallet also has enough space for your bills and other things like receipts and cards as it has two full sized bill sections.

For its construction, you can be sure that this wallet is of superior quality. It is made of soft lambskin leather, so you could definitely use this everyday and not worry about it falling apart easily. You do not also have to worry about added weight as it is very light weight and could easily slide in your pocket or bag with its size of 4in x 3in when closed.

With its price, the RFID Blocking Leather Tri-Fold Wallet is definitely one of the best investments that you could give yourself and your loved ones. Not only is it a durable and stylish, but, more importantly, it keeps your personal information secured. So if you are looking into replacing your old wallet (or just wanted to have better security), then definitely this is one of the products that is worth looking into.