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  • 5 Sleeves: $3.99
  • 10 Sleeves: $5.99

Protect your cards and prevent wireless identity theft, also known as RFID identity theft, electronic pickpocketing or contactless identity theft by keeping cards with a RFID chip that has your personal information. Using our proven RFID blocking sleeve with all your cards that have RFID chips will prevent access to your card by skimmers and scanners.

  • Blocks RFID signals
  • Super Strong DuPont Tyvek Sleeve
  • ArmorShield alloy material inner coating
  • Prevent electronic skimming or scanning of your cards information
  • Abrasion, moisture and static resistant
  • Protects credit card and magnetic strip
  • Super thin, smooth and light weight
  • Rip, Tear and puncture-proof
  • Open-ended with a thumb-cut for easy access to card
  • Can be written on with a pen or pencil

RFID Blocking Sleeve for – Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Bank Cards, Drivers License, Electronic Cards, Bank Cards, Security Cards, Key Cards, Smart Card, Employee ID’s, Hotel Keys and Gift Card. Any card with an RFID chip. DuPont Tyvek and alloy based material


tyvek armorshield rfid blocking sleeve


DuPontTyvek®. This is virtually the strongest sleeve material available. Providing superior protection from punctures, tears and moisture.

ArmorShield® is a DuPont Tyvek and a alloy based material. A proprietary material developed to provide protection against unauthorized access and skimming of RFID cards.

ArmorShield® is FIPS 201 approved by the US Government as an Electromagnetically Opaque Shield. U.S. Government Approval

Tyvek RFID Blocking Card Sleeve with ArmorShield

rfid blocking material - tyvek and armorshield