RFID Blocking Material

RFID Blocking Sleeves with ArmorShield

tyvek armorshield rfid blocking sleeve

Protecting your RFID embedded cards and passports from contactless identity theft is our primary objective, and only tested and durable materials are used in our sleeves.

Outer Sleeve Material:  DuPont Tyvek® is a brand of flashspun high-density polyethylene fibers, a synthetic material; the name is a registered trademark of DuPont. It is often seen used as housewrap, a synthetic material used to protect buildings during construction. The material is very strong; it is difficult to tear but can easily be cut with scissors or a knife.

Interior Sleeve Material: ArmorShield® an alloy material layer is the barrier used to stop the radio frequency signals from being transmitted outside of the sleeve. ArmorShield® is FIPS 201 approved by the US Government as an Electromagnetically Opaque Shield. Approval Letter

RFID Blocking Material For Wallets


Our wallets are made with Genuine leather, usually soft lambskin with RFID an blocking material in the fabric, a PET knit mesh cloth with a copper and nickel coating insert.